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About Zouk Conexao

Get to know us

Zouk Conexao is an organization that aims to educate and facilitate the learning of latin dances. These dances include Brazilian Zouk, Bachata and Salsa. We aim to create a safe and healthy environment where people can come to learn and grow. We host events and regularly bring talented individuals from all over the world to share their knowledge of dance with us. 

Jose Hernandez

Founder and Leader of Zouk Conexao

Jose Hernandez began his career as a Salsa dancer, through out his career he excelled in the Salsa Scene and also became a well known bachata dancer. Jose loved not only dancing, but passing on his great amount of dancing knowledge to new dancers, with this in mind he created and founded Salsa Arte. While in the dance scene he discovered a new dance Brazilian Zouk in 2015 and quickly fell in love. Jose started learning, training and spreading the love of Br. Zouk in Atlanta.


Eventually founding Zouk Conexao, Jose has brought many international Instructors and DJs to Atlanta and helped foster a welcoming and caring community! 

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