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Zouk Classes at Academy

All Classes start at 8:15 pm, with a social for everyone from 9:15pm to 12am! 

Thursday Classes

Green Satin

Dare to Zouk

Are you new to Zouk? This 4 week class will introduce you to the musical timing, history, culture and fundamental moves of Brazilian Zouk. No Partner or Dance Experience required. Just come with comfortable shoes to dance! 


Level Up

Are you falling in love with Brazilian Zouk like us? Dive into the fundamentals of Brazilian Zouk. Learn more fundamental moves, musicality, traveling, and connection of Brazilian Zouk. 


Beyond the Basics

Now it's an addiction! Continue to deepen your understanding of Brazilian zouk as we build on the fundamentals and work on harder patterns and concepts. Connect to the music in a new way and learn how to create your own Identity as a Brazilian Zouk Dancer.

Not Ready to Sign Up for a Month?
Try our Drop in Option! 

Social Only

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